At Orbital Telemetry our mission is to provide your satellite development team with a flexible and cost effective telemetry solution. Our services include:

Customization of Telemetry Modules:
Orbital Telemetry can customize our telemetry modules to meet your communication and interface requirements from the flight computer and specific radios as necessary.  Different encoding and decoding, encryption and error correcting are also available.

Testing of telemetry systems:
Orbital Telemetry has access through a Space Act agreement to the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center electronics lab that developed and tested the FastSat-HSV 01 Satellite flight telemetry module. We can test each module we build with or without your flight computer and radios in this lab to assure quality performance before you launch your satellite.

Mechanical Integration:
We offer our services in mechanical design for integrating and packaging our system along with the flight computer and radios if appropriate. We bring over 20 years of experience integrating and packaging electronic devices and aerospace structures design to help your team achieve success.


NASA MSFC Electronics Lab